McKenzie for May

seven McKenzie positionsDid you hear bodywork pioneer Robin McKenzie has died? In his honor, this month we’ll explore the McKenzie method done by practioners as well as his home-care manual Treat Your Own Back.

In my own practice I most often use his methods with patients whose herniated lumbar discs are causing leg pain, and they have often been surprised to see how much change they can get from a change in posture.

You can learn more about McKenzie in his obituary and the rest of the site.

The Bodywise meeting this month is Tuesday May 21st at 7pm.

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Let’s meet up!

I am thrilled to announce that the meetups will resume in May.

We are returning to the third-Tuesday schedule and will have a new venue with space for more people.

Mark your calendars for May 21st at 7pm and watch this spot for the new location.

So glad to see you soon!

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Recreational MRI

Another medical imaging treat for you: This video shows a real-time MRI of the singer. You can watch all the mouth parts and throat parts working to create the sound. Wonderful!

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Imaging anatomy

The tools on this page show magnetic resonance or CT scan images to use for studying. Anatomical structures are named and outlined as you mouse over them. You see the structures in transverse, coronal, and sagittal planes with views that change in sync. A great refresher or study tool!

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Hiatus of in-person meetings

A hiatus in our schedule, oh no! Unfortunately I need to take a break from the group after this month’s meeting so that I can help take care of a sick relative. Have a good winter and I hope to see you all in the new year!

Stay tuned here for an update when we start meeting again. In the meantime, keep studying, touching, and healing.

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Shoulder focus for two meetings

This fall we are going to dive into the complex joint of the shoulder. In fact, it’s complex enough that we are breaking it up into two sessions.

On October 17th we’ll talk about the glenohumeral joint and on November 21st we’ll analyze the scapula and its movement over the rib cage.

Be sure to attend both sessions and share all your tricks about the tricky shoulder joint.

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September meeting

hip joint bones and ligamentsSeptember’s meeting with a focus on the hip was a great success. The acetabulofemoral joint is a very important juncture between leg and body where we need motion in all the planes — flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, rotation.

We warmed up with some simple yoga and then explored ways hips often get locked up and strategies for loosening them.

Next month’s focus will be on the other place where our limbs meet our trunk: the shoulder joint.  Join us!

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