Bodywise is not just a publisher, it’s also a community of like-minded healthcare professionals doing hands-on work for conversation, study, and practice.

Watch here for announcements of walks, dinners, book club, and lab sessions.


Welcome to BODYWISE

We are bodyworkers from different disciplines including chiropractic, yoga therapy, dance, personal training, and postural work. We meet in person to share our knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Our Bodies

Our focus is the human body. We study the physical anatomy, naming the relevant structures and knowing their locations. We discuss the actions in our cells and organ systems and how they contribute to the results we are seeing.  We work with the musculoskeletal system primarily though some visceral topics come up occasionally. Energetic and metaphysical topics are not covered here.

Our Knowledge and Wisdom

Sutra is a Sanskrit word for a text or manual, and as bodyworkers we have a long line of “sacred” texts. Each of us comes to the group with a slightly different foundation, so we share the basics of our disciplines with each other. At the same time, we share a common passion about human posture and movement which allows us to connect towards a common goal. Each member shares this knowledge as well as the wisdom gained through their professional experience.

Join us!

Many thanks to the Portland, OR bodyworkers who joined me on this journey before I moved to Santa Monica. This small group of smart bodies enhanced my own work with patients and solidified my vision for this community.